TAPU Survivors Of Loss Support Group

TAP United Survivors of Loss Glosed Support Page

TAP United Survivors of Loss is also a closed facebook group – a community of parents who share the pain of losing one or more of our children/adult children from the disease of addiction, or circumstances surrounding their substance use.

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Gone Too Soon Tap United Family 2016

We walk beside and support one another as we navigate the journey of grief that only a parent who has lost a child to this disease can understand. We are not professional counselors – only parents that have lost a child to SUD.

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Gone Too Soon 2020 -1

Some of us gather in person once a year for the More Than A Number Event – a stigma free day where we can celebrate the beautiful children our kids were, without having to explain their disease.

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Gone Too Soon 2020 - 2

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Gone Too Soon 2020 - 3

Nobody understands the emotions and stigma I feel. If only there were people I could talk to that understand ………..

……….that’s why we are here!

We welcome you to join our Closed Survivors of Loss Support Group for support!

We do screen all membership for this page (and all our Closed Support Groups) so you will have to follow the process of requesting admission and being accepted into the group. We do this so that we have a closed community of only parents that lost a child to the disease of addiction.


I have found “my tribe” in this group. As uncomfortable for some as it may sound but when I attended my first Group event last year it was a sigh of relief that I finally found the people that truly understood my daily torture. I have continued to improve and think about them all and pull strength from them. We don’t talk everyday but I know they are there. I have never felt more loved and understood in my life.

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Tina from Qulin, Mo.

"On May 2, 2021 I found my son Trevor dead in his room. The crisis team of the San Diego Police Dept. led me to this group. I came here feeling like I didn't belong any place anymore. I truly believe divine intervention brought me here. Losing a child is the worse grief of all. This is a safe place where I am encouraged, supported, understood & loved. I am free to speak without worry of being judged. I am grateful to be here with others who know that my son "WAS MORE THAN A NUMBER" #Trevorforever28

Patty – San Diego CA

Thank you Brenda and Mark for founding TAPU. I am forever thankful to God for you and the groups support. The help, encouragement, support, hope and prayers of this group of struggling parents just like me helped me make it through many heart-breaking days and nights.

When we lost Michael to this awful disease of addiction the TAP United Survivors of Loss page helped me to cling to hope that God would see me through till I’m reunited with Michael in heaven.

The Grands United page has helped me through the trials and hard times of not getting to see his grandchildren as often as I wanted. God is using you to ease the pain and sorrow and restore God’s hope to many when we feel so hopeless and heartbroken .

Debi, in Ohio