Grands United – an Addiction Support Group for Grandparents

TAPU’S Grands United is also a closed Facebook group – a community of parents raising grandchildren because of our own child’s addiction or due to losing their child to this disease.

When we see our precious, innocent grandchildren become victims of the addiction chaos, or the loss of their parent(s) from this disease, we feel compelled to protect them from the fall out. We never thought that we would be raising kids again at our age, but some of us are. Some of us must fight the courts for guardianship, custody, or grandparental rights, and our life savings can be depleted, and our life changes radically.

Nobody can understand how difficult it is …. unless you have been there too! As a community of Grandparents, we share our own experience, and support each other as we navigate the journey of raising children for a second time.

Nobody understands how difficult it is. If only there were people I could talk to that understand ……….

………. that’s why we are here!

We welcome you to join our Grands United Closed Support Group for support!

We do screen all membership for this page (and all our Closed Support Groups) so you will have to follow the process of requesting admission and being accepted into the group. We do this so that we have a closed community of only parents that are raising or looking to get custody, guardianship, or grandparents rights to see our grandchildren.


Grand United helped me through the worst time in my life. The caring members of this group listened to my sorrows, gave me encouragement, showed me hope, and instead of advice, told me their experiences. I don't know what I would have done without you all! My grandson is now with his mother, who has been doing good for 5 years now.

I am forever grateful to Grand United for having my back!

Iva from NC

Grands United has been there through sometimes I never imagined would happen. From the termination of parental rights, through dealing with DHS/CPS, what are the pro's and cons of kinship care, guardianship, adoption? So many questions and knowing I wasn't alone and could openly share was a lifesaver. I am very grateful for this group and the friendships I've made here

Brenda from Iowa.

This site has helped me by hearing others stories and knowing that I am not alone. I read other people’s stories and take advice and use it to my best ability. I try to encourage others as well as accept their encouragement. It motivates me to know that I’m doing the right thing for this child, this innocent child that is so deserving of a healthy life.

Tina from Michigan.

I have been a Member of Grands United since April 20, 2016. I initially joined TAP (closed group) and found out there was the sub-group for grandparents. I'm a single grandmother raising a granddaughter since 2010. Many times I felt I was the only grandparent 'out there' raising a grandchild yet found thru Grands United there were many grands in the same situation. Before joining, I found on my own resources needed and helpful. Joining the group allowed me to network with other grandparents, along with sharing my experiences and information in Columbus Ohio.

Carlene from Columbus OH.